Project Description

Seed to Seedling

The top of each Mahogany post is a finial, which is carved to represent a capsule (seed pods) with its five valves open to expose its seeds. At the base, brass was cold-worked on an anvil and bronzed to replicate seedlings. The four panels have an outer and inner framework, the outer being hand-weaved rift-cut ash, joined with brass pins to each post. The inner sections are slate, pierced in the image of leaves, suspended with narrow pins to the outer frame.


The result is art that changes with light conditions. When placed where there is direct sunlight, light passes through the piercings and the silhouette of the leaves are transformed and exposed throughout the room to cascade and move as the direction of the light changes. At night, when lit from behind, the leaves become still and in suspension to reveal three wreaths.


Artist Statement

It is not as important to design and build something that is merely different. What is important is to design with an unambiguous intent inspired by something personal to the client. The final work will be functional art and offer to the viewer something more rather than something new. The end result is a one of a kind piece.


William Bush, a Master Craftsman, has been designing and building custom furniture for more than three decades. His creations make use of many media. These include wood, stone, glass, and metal. In sum, what his techniques accomplish is the creation of an amalgam which expresses the relationship between creativity and material.